Digital Exhibition

Seçici Kurul

  • Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammet Bayraktaroğlu
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fevzi Kasap
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Birsel Matara
  • Gazi Yüksel (Photography Artist)
  • İlke Veral Güngör (Photography Artist)
  • Orhan Cem Çetin (Photography / Visual Artist)
  • Lecturer Fuat Boğaç Evren
  • Hüseyin Aşkaroğlu(Academician)
  • The photographs to be exhibited will be on the concepts of culture, migration, people, life and family of the
  • Turkic World Countries and will be published on a digital platform.
  • Photographs to be sent must be in jpg format, short edge 30 cm in size and 300 dpi resolution.
  • Participants can submit a minimum of 3 (three) and a maximum of 5 (five) works, either colored or monochrome.
  • Photographs should have a direct photographic aesthetics and should not be created with computer software.

Legal Notices:

  • The participant acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the photograph sent by e-mail for the exhibition is entirely his own and that, if necessary, all necessary permissions have been obtained. In the contrary case, the application will be rejected as it is considered a violation of the rules of conduct. In a retroactive determination in this direction, the participant will be excluded from the assessment.
  • After the applications are assessed by the Selection Committee, notifications will be made only for the accepted photographs.
  • In the photograph of the application; responsibility including copyright, permission, etc. regarding all kinds of objects and/or persons belongs to the applicant. The Institution and/or Institutions (Near East University and Stakeholders) do not accept any legal responsibility for the content of the photographs sent to the competition.
  • It is considered a violation of the rule to show the photograph sent by the participant for exhibition as a photograph taken by the participant although it does not belong to him/her and submit it for assessment. In this case, all responsibility will belong to the participant. Institution and/or institutions do not accept any legal liability in such a case.
  • All kinds of exhibition and public offer, right and authority of the accepted photographs without any commercial purpose will be transferred to the Near East University.
  • The photos deemed worthy to be exhibited by the Selection Committee will be entitled to be published on the Symposium official page. The participant will not pay any price for this.
  • Among the accepted photographs, the photographs selected as a result of the second assessment will be accepted into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.