Near East University

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

1. International Cinema Workshop Aim and Scope

The international festival and film competition organized by the Turkish World Journalists Federation (TDGF) aims to support and encourage filmmakers living in nearby countries. It is aimed to meet and collaborate with filmmakers who produce films within the borders of the Turkic World, to support film production budgets and also to identify technical, aesthetic and financial problems related to the cinema sectors in the countries.

The festival, which is dedicated to the art of cinema and aims to encourage sister societies to know each other and to transfer their cultural values to future generations, also aims to be an intermediary to encourage cooperation among the artists living in these countries.

One of the main goals of the festival is to contribute to the development of the Turkic World and Turkic Cinema and to take the place it deserves on the international platforms.

The 1st International Cinema Workshop will be held by the Turkic World Journalists Federation and the Communication Research Center affiliated with the Near East University Center of Excellence. The "INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP" to be held within the scope of the festival will be carried out by a university and TDGF with other stakeholders every year. In this context, Near East University hosted the workshop for the first time.

The workshop to be held on digital platforms will be open to universities, researchers and related field professionals.

In addition, within the scope of the international workshop, it was aimed to host a Turkic Republic cinema as a guest country cinema and to screen films about this country every year.